Friday, March 18, 2011

Why I love Gold Canyon Candles

I’ve always enjoyed burning candles in my home. I burned them for different reasons in various rooms of my house.
When I was a new bride and learning to cook for my husband, I used candles in the kitchen to mask my cooking disasters and the smell of burning food. I would burn a candle that had a yummy baking scent so my husband would be craving the dinner creations I had on the table and be looking forward to that great smelling dessert. Needless to say, once we sat down to eat the gig was up.

Before we had human children we had cat children. I would burn a candle in the bathroom to cover up the cat box odors, in our small one bed room apartment this was the only place to keep the cat box. Bathroom’s tend to be stinky places anyway, so a candle was a must have.

The bedroom was a couple of steps from the bathroom; we would burn a candle of a different scent so that our bedroom didn’t smell like the bathroom, usually something tropical or calming.  The overall scent of our apartment was something like cinnamon rolls cooling in a tropical pine forest, yuck!

Many years later I was introduced to Gold Canyon Candles by a friend of mine. She told me I could burn one candle and smell it through out my house and it would burn longer than my cheap drug store candles. I didn’t believe it for a minute, “no candle can do that, I said to her, it takes multiple candles burning for the whole house to be fragranced”. I laughed but took a small 8 oz grape candle home to try.

We were then living in a 2-story, 3 bedroom home with two children one dog and one cat. I lit the candle in my kitchen the next morning and went on about my household chores. About 30 minutes later I was upstairs in the bedroom and noticed a wonderful fruity scent, it took me a minute to realize it was the candle burning downstairs! I could smell that one small candle in every room of my home, I was amazed. When I went downstairs I realized that the candle wax had melted all the way across the jar, there wasn’t a tunnel forming down the middle of the candle. That’s weird I thought, I’ve never seen a candle burn that way.  Not only did the candle burn that way the first time I burned it, but every time after that and the fragrance remained consistent throughout the life of the candle.

I called my friend and told her I was convinced; this candle is awesome! She then told me about the safety wicks on Gold Canyon Candles that prevent the candle from burning too far down and getting so hot that the glass could shatter. The wick will no longer light once it has burned down to a point of about ½ inch of wax in the jar. The wax also burns at a low temperature so no one will be burned if the melted wax is spilled; this is a great feature to have when burning candles around my children and pets.

After this experience I realized that I could save a lot of money by burning Gold Canyon Candles. I only have to burn one candle to get the same fragrance throw of multiple candles from the big box stores, they are more attractive because they burn cleanly down the jar and they are safer to have around my children and pets. Best of all, my entire home smelled like grapes, not cinnamon rolls cooling in a tropical pine forest.

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