About Dawn

As a Full-Time wife, mom, student and employee I was tired of always telling my children "sorry, we can't afford that" every time something extra came up during the month.
I knew that something needed to change and unfortunately the change came in my employment status; I was working at the local elementary school while finishing my education and quest for my teaching license. I had come to the point in my education that I needed to complete a 12 week internship and that meant I would need to give up my current job; I was now unemployed and would remain so for at least the next 6 months.
I needed an income, I needed it NOW, and it needed to be earned on my schedule.
After attending a party I could see the great potential Direct Sales has to offer so I asked every question I could possibly think of; if it wasn't an ideal fit then I knew to say 'no'. I'm happy to say, in the last few years my Direct Sales income has helped:

replace carpet with hardwood floors throughout our home

purchase a 42" flat screen plasma tv

purchase a new laptop

purchase a new laptop for our teenage daughter

take our family on a Disneyland vacation

pay the fees for our daughter to play the viola

pay the fees for our son to play football

and so much more!

What would you like to see this company do for you?
I've seen others' lives changed from Direct Sales too! We have students using this to pay for tuition & books, retirees supplementing their retirement income, stay-at-home moms engaging in adult conversation (YAY!), people who work full time at a job they love using this for extras like vacations and kids' activities, we even have people using this as a means to fire their boss because they have a strong desire to leave the corporate world/be home with their families.
We obviously see something here that is not available elsewhere. Want in on it too?
Make an informed decision. See what our company can do for you!

Our products are an ideal purchase for you if:

you love quality while being smart with your money
you like high quality products that offer versatility
you want a gift that will be valued

Hosting a Party with Me is ideal for you if:

you want a no nonsense party with NO GAMES!
you hate paying full price for products
you would rather get your wish list FREE!
you have no problems getting a guest list together quickly so I can take the pressure off of writing and sending out invitations in time

You are an ideal member for our team if:

you can devote time for consistent business activity and training (8-20 hrs/wk dependent upon what you want your business to do for you)
you are a positive go-getter who is organized and good with handling money
you are good with people and a good listener
you can operate with integrity and authenticity; you do what you say you will do
customer follow-up and satisfaction is very important to you
you are driven by results
you see the advantage of working this business as a business
you are capable of making decisions and taking action

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