Monday, April 6, 2009

Decorating With Your Candles

Uses for modern day candles are only restricted by one's own imagination. But decorating with candles can have its pitfalls, too. To help you avoid these decorating “faux pas”, the following tips will get you started on the road to becoming a candle aficionado.

1. If you like grouping your candles, remember to match the scents of all the candles to avoid creating a combined scent that is either too strong or unpleasant.
2. Consider mixing like-scented candles with unscented candles in your grouping to help control the overall strength of the scent.
3. Never use scented candles on a dinner table. The scent of the candles will compete with and interfere with the sumptuous aroma of the meal. Researchers have found that the aromatic smell of food actually is one of the most important elements of the dining experience.
4. Candles on a dining room table should always be smokeless. Be sure to trim the candle wick if it exceeds ¼ “to reduce the potential of unwanted smoke.
5. Burning a scented candle in your bathroom, or “powder” room, will eliminate unpleasant odors. This is a nice touch for your next party or gathering of special friends.
6. Always burn your candles in a secure, fireproof holder made especially for candles. Also, ensure that there are no paper products or hand towels in close proximity to the candle's flame. Using a tall candleholder with a shorter candle is just plain smart and keeps the flame away from flammable items.
7. If the candle holder is an open vessel, like a candle stick, always opt for dripless candles. Who wants a puddle of wax on your nice table linens?
8. When placing lower-flamed candles around a table, make sure it is done in such a pattern that a person's shirt sleeve or clothing cannot pass through or over the flame.
9. Don't place your candles too close to flower arrangements. Candles have been known to wilt or ruin flowers if the flame overheats their petals.

Remember - always practice safe candle burning! The most important aspect of using and enjoying your candles is to never leave them burning unattended, or where a child could be drawn to the candle and potentially be burned.

Keep it safe and enjoy the magical benefits of decorating your home with candles!

Start Decorating with Candles Today!

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  1. These are great ideas. I will definitely be back to read back over them when I start decorating my house~