Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scents to Sleep or Invigorate

This is a great article sent to us by Gold Canyon this morning, enjoy!

We all sometimes have trouble sleeping or have those days where we just really need an extra boost of energy. Why not try something different this time—and save money on caffeine!

Having trouble sleeping?
Men and women who smelled lavender oil experienced deeper sleep and higher levels of vigor in the morning, according to Wesleyan University researchers.

Try it for yourself—take in the soothing scents of Gold Canyon’s Lavender (available in Heritage) or Lavender and Black Ambre (available in Boutique Chic, tealights and Scent Pods®). You’ll not only help your own well-being, but set a therapeutic mood throughout your home.

Need a Pick-Me-up?
When you’re feeling exhausted and need a pick-me-up, the smell of eucalyptus oil has a stimulating effect, and may reduce exhaustion and mental sluggishness.

When you’re at your desk working on a deadline, try Gold Canyon’s Eucalyptus fragrance (available in Heritage) for an uplifting scent that also relaxes your mind so you can stay focused and alert.

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