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Diffusers provide instant fragrance freshness for places like kitchens, bathrooms or
offices and other spaces where candles may not be suitable. Diffusers are clean, easy to use, have a strong fragrance, include unique appliqué designs and meet strict air quality regulations.


What makes Diffusers so unique?

Diffusers offer highly concentrated fragrances that can be enjoyed for three to five months! The quality of fragrance is enhanced with patent-pending sticks that provide a clean, strong fragrance throw and consume the concentrated fragrance oil down to the last drop. Lastly, the Diffuser can beautify any home with two appliqué designs.

Will the strength of the fragrance remain the same during the entire 3-5 month period?

Once the sticks have reached optimum absorption, between 24-48 hours, you can rest assured knowing that all fragrances will remain strong until the last drop of fragrance is used.

Can I control the strength of the fragrance throw?

The best way to control the amount of fragrance experienced is to adjust the number of sticks being used in the decorative glass bottle. Each Diffuser is tested using 12sticks, which will perform at our standards for fragrance strength. If the fragrance is too strong, adjust the fragrance by eliminating sticks until the ideal fragrance is experienced.

Why would my Diffuser use up the fragrance quicker than the 3-5 months advertised?

There are many environmental factors that will contribute to the duration of the fragrance experience. Excessive drafts, high temperatures and very dry or humid conditions are all potential factors as well as the number of times the sticks are flipped. In a stable room environment, the Diffusers have been tested to last 3-5 months.

How often should I flip my Diffuser sticks?

It is not necessary to flip the sticks in order to maintain a strong fragrance throw. However, it is an optional feature. The Diffuser sticks can be flipped as much or as little as desired. Please note, the more the sticks are flipped, the quicker the use-up rate may be.

My sticks are becoming discolored; is this normal?

Yes, this is a normal feature of the Diffusers. Yellow- or amber-colored spots on the sticks may occur as a result of the type of concentrated fragrance oil being absorbed.

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